Your situation is unique. In the first step we want to understand and listen to you in order to advise you in the best possible way. Currently our demand is high, so we ask that you only make an inquiry if you want to (continue to) grow strongly.

Let's get to know each other, better.

Find out why the fastest-growing SaaS scale-ups trust us with their marketing budgets. Based on your situation, we create a growth plan with a clear roadmap and action steps for your business.

  • Pipeline & revenue confidence
  • Lower customer acquisition costs
  • More efficient delivery of your ad spend
  • Higher marketing ROI & more efficient growth

"Every single point of contact with anyone from YOYABA is a 9.5/10 across the board and I've never experienced that with any agency before. Probably not even 1% of all agencies are able to deliver that."

Julius Komp

Founder & CEO exporto

"As a fast-moving SaaS startup, in addition to the performance marketing skills, I especially appreciate the agile, honest and straightforward collaboration with the entire team."

Thomas Peham

VP Marketing Storyblok

Don’t like forms?

I can relate. We also like it fast and uncomplicated. As an absolute tech enthusiast and Tomorrow’s Unicorn Scout Lead at YOYABA, I advise customers and accounts holistically. Let's find out if we're the right fit for your next growth stage. Just call me or book a slot directly in my calendar:

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Frequently asked questions

This varies greatly depending on your specific needs. If your desire is to have as little work as possible on your side, we can make that almost 100% possible. More about this in a personal conversation.

Not only references, but detailed success stories can be found here.

This also varies depending on the situation and platform. You should bring a monthly budget of €5K at least.

In performance marketing, our goal is your growth and therefore the scaling of ad spend. And scaling is only possible with certain target KPIs that are being hit. To support this goal, our compensation is adjusted to the ad spend.

We are most active on LinkedIn. Especially our CEO Tim regularly posts exciting content about startups, SaaS, campaigns & marketing there. We also post weekly videos on our YouTube channel.

More  Demand.

More  Pipeline.

More  Revenue.

No  Lead Chaos.

„Through YOYABA, we were able to triple the number of opportunities within only 6 months, but most importantly, we were able to build a comprehensive set-up for further scaling. For the first time, we have a planning capability that also makes our investors happy“

Dr. Thomas Lindemann

CEO & Co-Founder Fyrfeed