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Driving 10X more pipeline and 50% of the overall pipeline just by leveraging LinkedIn Ads.

Executive Summary

  • Comprehensive audit resulting in restructuring the whole setup for efficient scaling
  • Introducing Demand Generation tactics to expand on the pre-existing Lead Gen structure
  • Holistic optimization based on best performing assets + creatives
  • Persona-based campaign setups to further foster campaign efficiency


LinkedIn Ads as a revenue programme was not delivering results since it wasn’t driving significant pipeline. A focus on few offers proved unsuccessful. No retargeting campaigns were in place leaving great potential to turn things around. Furthermore, efficiency in existing campaigns was severely limited because of incorrect use of bidding strategies, lack of optimization for creatives and no use of custom audiences. Therefore, Operations1 needed an experienced partner that focuses executing paid growth strategies that drive actual revenue in order to turn things around quickly.

What we did

Month 1 - 2:

Initial audit of the account structure. Complete restructuring of the account, aimed at full performance and scaling groundwork. Next to that, we started re-doing the whole creative suite and finished a first version of the Value Proposition Canvas

Month 3 - 4:

First analyses of a wide range of creative tests and it’s impact on both the on-platform and the CRM performance. Offer and messaging adjustments that followed. Insights with regards to (ad) messaging helped Operations1 to adjust messagings across their digital marketing channels

Month 5 - 6:

Start and build out of Demand Generation tactics after recording complimentary videos at the YOYABA HQ. Launched videos following best-practices with regards to best LinkedIn infeed performance for both increase of logo frequency and optimized for best consumption metrics and user engagement

  • Started with benchmarking the current campaign performance with an in-depth analysis of the status quo. In doing so, we analyzed, among others:
    • Creative performance
    • Bidding strategies & other technicalities
    • Selected offers
    • Demographic reports & audience selection
    • CRM performance and potential learnings for the targeting
  • Conducted research to develop an understanding of users and putting it all together into a VPC that combines insights from marketing, sales & product
    • Campaign concept creation based on the research
    • Prototype: build first draft of Ad Copies / Ad Creatives
    • Test: analyze results from creative testing and made constant iterations
    • Dashboard Reports from Google Search Console, Google Data Studio, Ad Accounts, etc
  • In the course of the campaign concept, we focussed on persona-oriented content pieces for higher ad relevancy and better CPL and completion rates
    • Offer optimizations: creating demo video as a more high-intent conversion item for LinkedIn campaigns
  • Development of a long-term-focused demand generation strategy
    • Planning and execution of subject matter expert videos
    • Re-purposing existing video-content by cutting down and editing raw webinar recordings

What did the client deliver

...to make the collaboration a success?

  • Collaboration on eye-level - both parties had their share in creating this success case by implementing action items quickly
  • Content creation of whitepapers + case studies as well as videos by Operations1 has been done within few weeks, which is key to quickly iterating and introducing new campaign ideas
    • Has been done for a multitude of cases so that YOYABA had a wide range of creatives and content pieces to choose from and use
  • High quality data transparency on Ops1 side with a comprehensive sales tracking for the whole pipeline
  • Openness to new ideas


increase in MRR pipe creation via LinkedIn


of pipeline sources from LinkedIn


more MRR in the past 6 months


Upon taking over the account, YOYABA swiftly implemented a revenue marketing strategy by implementing a full-funnel approach as well as a multitude of quick-impact campaigns and initiatives that led to higher quality of leads and in consequence 50% of all pipeline sources came from LinkedIn that resulted in a significant increase in generated pipeline of 10X.

Further, by executing a highly revenue-focussed marketing approach, Operations1 was able to generate 6.3X more MRR in the past 6 months compared to the previous period.

50% of total pipeline through LinkedIn Ads

„LinkedIn had little impact on the pipeline before we started working with YOYABA. Now we generate about 50% of our total pipeline through LinkedIn Ads.“

Moritz Stern

Head of Strategy & Marketing Operations1

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