ComX is an end-to-end sales enablement platform that has seen impressively fast growth through excellent ROI of their product.

From all time low to all time high in only 3 months.

Executive Summary

  • Revitalization of the status quo
  • Balancing Demand Capture and Demand Creation to achieve short term results while building long-term thought-leadership
  • End-to-end optimizations from ad creatives to offer testing


After scaling their spend significantly, quality and quantity of the results dropped significantly leading to the worst monthly performance in the company’s history. The client was not able to identify reasons themselves. This is why YOYABA came in to turn things around. Since revenue was directly impacted, a revenue marketing approach was highly necessary.

What we did

Month 1- 2:

Re-launch of all major platforms (Youtube, LinkedIn, Google Search) + Offer and CRO-Testing

Month 3- 4:

Launching Demand Generation video Assets and re-launching retargeting strategy

  • Re-evaluating the channel-prioritization and budget distribution
    • Building on top of a decent Youtube Performance by re-vitalizing LinkedIn and Google Search strategies
    • Systematic creative testing for all ad copies & ad creatives
  • Development of a long-term-focused demand generation strategy
    • Planning and execution of subject matter expert videos
    • Re-purposing existing video-content
    • Dashboard Reports from Google Search Console, Google Data Studio and Ad Accounts
  • Iterating on the optimal offer-structure
    • Experimenting with different high-intent offerings to increase quality and quantity of leads
    • Introduction of systematic creative testing through a value proposition canvas

What did the client deliver make the collaboration a success?

  • Regular sales feedback
  • High commitment to performance marketing
  • Open to new ideas
  • Fast execution and excellent sparring
  • Honesty and fairness

+338% increase

in qualified leads

-42% decrease

in CPLs

4.9 ROAS



In only 3 months after kicking off the collaboration we went from an all time low to an all time hig by implementing a revenue marketing approach in their paid growth efforts. Splitting the funnel to find out where the best deals really come from and then relaunching their entire paid growth channels by combining demand capturing and demand creation to sustainably set-up long-term success led to outstanding results.

In numbers, this means an increase in qualified leads by 338%. Qualified leads have a winrate of about 25%. The overall ROAS achieved resulted in 4.9. Overall ad-spend was only increased by 45%. ComX is now ready to add additional channels and scale further.

They work with the best of the best in the B2B SaaS scale-up space.

„The sparring and exchange with YOYABA is particularly valuable, you really notice that they work with the best of the best in the B2B SaaS scale-up space. This is something I notice in every jour fix.“

Philipp Ströhemann

Founder & CEO ComX

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