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Scaling a multi product, multi market and multi ICP large-scale international paid growth account – from 36 to over 220 people in 1.5 years.

Executive Summary

  • Building a strong paid growth foundation in order to scale from zero to 6 figures in monthly ad-spend with multiple product, multiple ICPs and launching multiple new markets such as the US, UK, France, Benelux and Nordics. Helping Storyblok grow from a 36 person company to over 200 people in just 1.5 years by scaling their paid marketing globally.


At the beginning of the collaboration, Storyblok had just raised a Series A and had a team of 36 people and therefore covered all paid growth measures internally. It quickly became clear that the necessary resources and expertise to efficiently scale these channels were lacking. Why? Because Storyblok had a strong growth case with hyperscaling goals. This required an appropriate partner who knew how to implement and scale Paid Growth efforts for B2B SaaS – quickly.

What we did

Kick-Off Phase:

Campaign restructuring and setup for rapid scaling

Scale-Up Phase:

Launched demand capture campaigns at scale based on existing content marketing assets tailored to each ICP

Efficiency Phase:

Establishing proven media buying and creative production processes to ensure better efficiency

  • Execution of best-practice campaign set-up on LinkedIn & Google for hyperscaling
    • Focus on markets + assets and cluster campaigns accordingly
    • Launched demand capture campaigns at scale based on existing content marketing assets
    • Implementation with 15+ existing content pieces for various topic and application areas, including templates and case studies in addition to white papers
    • Continuous optimization of campaigns based on benchmark metrics in the areas of CTR, CPC, CPL and lead form completion rates, which YOYABA had available as a basis for comparison due to numerous accounts
    • Launching 5 additional markets globally
  • Creative strategy implementation to increase efficiency
    • Implementation of Flyhwheel research processes, translation of product marketing insights into ad messaging, set up of systematized creative testing Rapid iteration and implementation of learnings and insights from daily account analysis and benchmark data
    • Established media buying and creative production processes ensured better time efficiency in terms of shorter implementation cycles & faster scaling

What did the client deliver make the collaboration a success?

  • Early on, we started of with a heavy lead gen game which was heavily fueled by a wide range of different content pieces created by Storyblok - each and every content piece was specifically catered for various stages throughout the funnel
  • High engagement and speedy feedback loops helped us to:
    • Create and optimize creative ads swiftly
    • Reduce time to live for new campaigns to a minimum
  • Deep data transparency that informed campaign performance above and beyond in-platform metrics. Transparency included:
    • CRM access to Salesforce
    • Inclusion to internal marketing meetings
  • Inclusion of the YOYABA team within Storyblok marketing team structures so that YOYABA had a maximum of transparency and knowledge with regards to the internal processes, challenges and opportunities to tackle


new markets launched


opportunities generated per month


winrate of opportunities


Efficient global scaling resulting in an increase in ad spend with relatively lower CPL increase always considering an efficient CAC:LTV ratio. Generation of 2-digit HIRO pipeline deals per month (CLV of 5-7 figures & Winrate > 25%) through Paid Growth Efforts (LinkedIn & Google).

Successful launch in various international markets: UK, US, FR, Benelux, Nordics.

Paid channels receive 50-60% of marketing budget resulting in corresponding revenue contribution. Storyblok has grown from 36 to nearly 250 people over the course of the collaboration and has now successfully closed a Series B with €47 million. The collaboration is now moving towards the Road to Unicorn.


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Thomas Peham

The collaboration with YOYABA goes far beyond the classic agency-client relationship.

“YOYABA is not only an execution-driven performance marketing partner for our primary channels Google & Linkedin, but also continuously delivers fresh ideas and valuable approaches to scale and internationalize our inbound marketing.

As a fast-moving SaaS startup, I appreciate the agile, honest and uncomplicated collaboration with the entire team, in addition to the performance marketing competencies.”

Thomas Peham

VP Marketing Storyblok

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