High additional 7-figure revenue generated through social media campaigns.

iKamper LinkedIn Marketing

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iKamper is one of the largest and most well-known manufacturers of roof tents internationally. In 2016, the brand was awarded the most successful Kickstarter project for tents worldwide and is known for its high quality and innovation.

However, until now, no sales or revenue were generated through performance marketing channels such as Facebook, Instagram or Google, but predominantly through retailers.

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Initially, an extensive strategy as well as conception of a holistic performance marketing strategy was created. As the product is a D2C product with a very high price tag, the customer journey had to cover many touchpoints to generate strong trust in the brand. The solution was a multi-layered campaign with different funnel steps in prospecting and retargeting.

iKamper LinkedIn Marketing
iKamper LinkedIn Marketing


For the first time, iKamper was able to experience paid social channels as an additional marketing & sales channel and thus achieve strong scalability, which led to delivery problems in their logistics after only a few months due to the unforeseen performance.

Nobody had expected such a high ROI and a ROAS of over 50. Admittedly: Besides the campaign strategy & concept, the established brand and timing was also an important success factor.


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Nathan Hendrix

Additional high 7-figure revenue from social media campaigns.

When it comes to marketing, I’m skeptical about companies over-promising and inflating ROI/ROAS. But YOYABA patiently listened to my concerns, and they have always operated in transparency: giving access to raw data, sharing their insights, moving forward after discussion, etc.. With the help of the YOYABA team, iKamper was able to create a successful marketing campaign focused on the growth of the brand while bringing in significant additional revenue.

Nathan Hendrix

Managing Director iKamper USA

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