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The Rocket Internet subsidiary HUMANOO is a digital health app and one of the leading providers for enterprise clients on the international market. The app offers employees measurable business health management solutions with monetary incentives as well as long-term engagement.

Up to now, HUMANOO had mainly focused on enterprise accounts and now medium-sized companies were also to be given the opportunity to make the app available to their employees. For this purpose, an individual automated self-onboarding software was required. Furthermore, HUMANOO mainly gained customers via classic outbound sales strategies and therefore only few leads & customers via the website and other digital channels. This needed to be changed.

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The first step was to develop an automated self-onboarding tool to ensure a smooth customer experience for medium-sized customers. The next step was a website relaunch based on the new HUMANOO branding.

It was important to integrate the website flawlessly with HubSpot in order to launch not only a digital business card, but rather a performance-oriented inbound marketing channel.

Now that the foundation was laid with the automated self-onboarding software, the new web & inbound marketing presence, the next step was to scale the lead gen strongly through LinkedIn Ads.

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Through the developed automated self-onboarding software, hundreds of companies have been successfully onboarded after only 6 months.

Thanks to consistently positive feedback, the software is now being steadily developed and serves as a key component of the company’s value proposition. The software also marked the beginning of automation and digitization across all areas of the company, streamlining both internal processes and customer interaction. The integrative software also serves as a bridge between multiple cross-functional systems, simplifying day-to-day operations. For the lead gen through LinkedIn Ads, intensive A/B split testing at the beginning of the campaign quickly identified the appropriate contacts and best-performing Ads & Creatives. As a result, MQLs were generated in the initial phase of the campaign and promptly supplemented with an additional focus on SQLs.

This way, the funnel for the entire customer journey was gradually expanded. The main focus was on sustainable lead quantity and quality. LinkedIn was thus established as a predictable and growing lead gen channel.

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Their agility, competence and extraordinary performance convinced us

As a high-growth startup, we rely on constantly outgrowing and moving forward at tremendous speed. Outsourcing in the area of marketing and software development, which goes hand in hand, was inevitable for us. YOYABA convinced us with their agility, competence and extraordinary performance.

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