Fyrfeed is a content-as-a-service platform that combines experienced journalists with AI to conceptualize social media and blog posts for businesses.

Scaled to 3X more HIRO Pipeline within only 6 months.

Executive Summary

  • Strategy & implementation of a scalable paid growth foundation
  • Establishment of conversion tracking
  • Implementation of sustainable demand generation tactics
  • Introduction of self-reported attribution
  • Generated 3x more HIRO pipeline than before within 6 months


Due to bottleneck on the side of the founder (Thomas), Fyrfeed's growth suffered as both expertise and resources were lacking in-house to further develop the Paid Growth Channel. Fyrfeed therefore needed a partner with proven methodologies & processes as soon as possible to build a scalable foundation for all paid growth channels and scale them efficiently.

What we did

Month 1 - 2:

Initial audit of the current account structure, leveraging quick wins by phasing out non-performing content and setting the ground for further scaling

Month 3 - 4:

Finalizing the Value Proposition Canvas for better Message-fit of the audience, setting up further creative tests of video vs images

Month 5 -6:

Expanding campaigns with further offers to complete a full funnel marketing execution and launching pilots in additional markets within Europe

  • Started with benchmarking the current campaign performance with an in-depth analysis of the status quo. In doing so, we analyzed, among others:
    • Creative performance
    • Bidding strategies & other technicalities
    • Selected offers
    • Demographic reports & audience selection
    • CRM performance and potential learnings for the targeting
  • In the course of the campaign concept, we focussed on persona-oriented content pieces for higher ad relevancy and better CPL and completion rates
  • Development of a long-term-focused demand generation strategy
    • Re-purposing existing video-content
    • Development of new video content in close collaboration with the client
  • Offer adjustment: introduction of new content assets in order to bring in offer variations

What did the client deliver

...to make the collaboration a success?

  • Joint effort & effective implementation - both parties played a significant role in achieving success by promptly implementing agreed upon actions.
  • Swift delivery of important materials by Fyreed, including case studies and availability for subject matter interviews, to produce video advertisements.
  • Excellent data visibility from Fyrfeed with thorough sales tracking across the entire sales process.
  • Willingness to consider new ideas and a strong level of mutual trust in each other's capabilities.


more pipeline generated

6 months

collaboration runtime so far


pipeline winrate


In the first 6 months, we were able to scale the pipeline generation of Fyrfeed to 3X compared to the previous period. Upon building a comprehensive paid set-up, we set the stage for further scaling on Paid Social. In doing so, CPL for demo campaigns was cut in half, while Demand Generation initiatives have been built from the ground up in parallel. Now, Fyrfeed is at a point where there is an ideally blended pipeline from both Lead Generation and Demand Generation initiatives.


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Tripled the number of opportunities in only 6 months.

„Through YOYABA, we were able to triple the number of opportunities within only 6 months, but most importantly, we were able to build a comprehensive set-up for further scaling. For the first time, we have a planning capability that also makes our investors happy.“

Dr. Thomas Lindemann

CEO & Co-Founder Fyrfeed

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