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Scaled to over 200% YTD Growth in DACH Market.

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Athletic Greens is an all-in-one supplement manufacturer from New Zealand that already has a high reputation in the U.S., including regular mentions on podcasts by Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan and more.

In addition to podcast advertising, Athletic Greens uses various paid social channels very heavily in the US. This market has been the clear focus for the last 10 years. Now, further growth in Europe was next up.

For this, Athletic Greens came to YOYABA, as they were looking for a German-speaking boutique agency in the performance marketing sector.

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Since any existing assets were previously in English and designed for the American market, they now needed to rethink for the DACH market.

Together with our subsidiary production company Codex, we created a creative concept that focused on the emotional and lifestyle aspects of the target group. Likewise, very intensive and concrete reporting & analysis processes were set up, as even the smallest details can make a big difference with high 6-figure monthly ad spends. Experience has shown that

it is particularly important to establish a clear structure at campaign, ad set and ad level for such scaling in order to maintain a good overview at all times and to sustainably drive performance upwards.

Athletic Greens LinkedIn Marketing
Durch ein klares, äußerst strukturiertes Set-Up wurde das ideale Fundament für die Skalierung geschaffen. Anfängliches Testen sowie die emotionalisierte Video-Ad gefolgt von einer Prospecting & Stabilierungsphase führte zu einer besonders schnellen & gleichzeitig nachhaltigen Skalierung von 5-stelligem zu einem 6-stelligen monthly Ad-Spend. Die neue Video Ad führte zu einer 4-fachen Steigerung der CTR. Dadurch wurden über 200% YTD (Year to Date) Growth im DACH-Markt realisiert (Stand Q3 2021).


A clear, extremely structured set-up created the ideal foundation for scaling. Initial testing as well as the emotionalized video ad followed by a prospecting & stabilization phase led to a particularly fast & at the same time sustainable scaling from 5-digit to a high 6-digit monthly ad spend. The new video ad resulted in a 4x increase in CTR. As a result, over 200% YTD (Year to Date) growth was realized in the DACH market (as of Q3 2021).


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The result speaks for itself

Agile and creative – that’s the shortest way to describe YOYABA from my point of view. The campaign takeover ran within a week without any significant problems. The creative team is conceptually very strong and understood our brand immediately. The result speaks for itself. 

Gerd Mittmann

VP International Athletic Greens

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