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Lead generation
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High quality leads for your company

Are you struggling to generate new customers?
We know the different ways and means to generate high-quality leads for you and your company. Depending on the industry, we develop the ideal strategy together with you and support you in addressing your target group with perfectly tailored content on the right channels, collecting valuable leads and thereby generating new customers.

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What exactly is a lead?

Depending on the company, the definition of the term “lead” can vary. For some companies, a “lead” is a contact that has already been determined to be a potential customer, while others consider a “lead” to be any sales contact. However, what remains the same across all definitions is that a lead potentially becomes a future customer.

So a lead is a person who is fundamentally interested in or has come into contact with a company’s product or service.

Whether it’s individuals interested in a consumer product or entrepreneurs looking for an innovative SaaS solution, lead generation can be a useful customer acquisition tool in any industry.

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How exactly does lead generation work?

In contrast to cold calling, which is usually perceived as pushy and therefore has a negative connotation, the initial contact when generating leads comes from the prospect. In this way, they proactively express their interest in the company.

Lead generation therefore means obtaining the contact data of potential prospects in order to contact them and, ideally, win them as new customers.

Depending on the industry and service, leads are generated via different channels and platforms. These include search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, and social media.

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Strategies for lead generation

But – how can you actually generate leads? There are many different strategies for generating leads.

Which strategy makes the most sense depends on the company and the target group. The first thing to do is to define them. Then a suitable channel can be selected, a strategic approach designed and the resulting measures implemented.

Where to start? This is where we come in!

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Lead Generation in a Nutshell

Zusammenarbeit mit YOYABA

This is how we shape the cooperation

Agile project implementation
At the beginning of each collaboration, we create a roadmap with clear deadlines and KPIs. We attach great importance to short communication channels and round-the-clock availability in order to provide the best possible support as consultants and contact persons. With us, the course of the project is clear to you from the very beginning and can be viewed at any time.

Data-driven and experience-based
Everyone has opinions. We make decisions based on data. Our staff has years of experience and are experts in using data-driven analytics in search engine optimization, native and social media marketing.

Measurable success
We work cleanly and with an eye to the future. Our lead generation brings about long-term and sustainable success in the generation of new customers for your company.

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Your situation is unique. In the first step we want to understand and listen to you in order to advise you in the best possible way. Currently our demand is high, so we ask that you only make an inquiry if you want to (continue to) grow strongly.

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Find out why the fastest-growing SaaS scale-ups trust us with their marketing budgets. Based on your situation, we create a growth plan with a clear roadmap and action steps for your business.

  • Pipeline & revenue confidence
  • Lower customer acquisition costs
  • More efficient delivery of your ad spend
  • Higher marketing ROI & more efficient growth

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