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Together we will create your marketing campaign

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Together we will create your successfull marketing campaign

You want to start a cool campaign, but need support? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Together with you, we design your marketing campaign according to your ideas and accompany you from the conception to the realization and implementation in the relevant channels. In addition, we take care of the analysis of the performance as well as the continuous optimization of campaign content and creatives.

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We are passionate about new projects and would love to learn more about yours. Let's chat casually!

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What is a marketing campaign?

By definition, a marketing campaign is a detailed, planned sequence of activities and processes to promote a specific product, service or resource. Depending on the company and industry, the appropriate channels are used and coordinated to achieve optimal results. The content of a campaign is highly dependent on the campaign objective – from ads to white papers and check lists to demos, webinars and other interactive approaches.

Whether it’s increasing sales, building an image, increasing user engagement, generating leads, increasing brand awareness or promoting an innovative new product – we have the right ideas and tools at hand to make the campaign a success and work with you to achieve your goal.

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Creatives die verzaubern

Creatives that enchant you

A creative is the artwork for an ad placed on a social media channel, for example. Whether photo-realistic images, stylized comics or abstract depictions – there are no limits to creativity here. Anything that conveys the message of your company can be illustrated by a creative. Creatives often include the key message in the form of a short and concise copy and, depending on the type of campaign, a call to action. Together with you, we design creatives that are perfectly tailored to your target group, because the more directly the creatives address your target group, the more effective the campaign and the greater its success.

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Holistic concept

From day 1, we provide you with a roadmap that lists both the timeline and the milestones of the entire project. Through regular check-ins and reporting, we provide maximum transparency so that you are always up to date. Timing plays an important role in the execution of a campaign, as does the choice of the right channels. Based on our years of experience, we offer you a holistic concept including how, when and where.

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How does the campaign become a success?

Zusammenarbeit mit YOYABA

How we shape cooperation

Agile project implementation
At the beginning of each collaboration, we create a roadmap with clear deadlines and KPIs. We attach great importance to short communication channels and round-the-clock availability in order to provide the best possible support as consultants and contact persons. With us, the course of the project is clear to you from the very beginning and can be viewed at any time.

Data-driven and experience-based
Everyone has opinions. We make decisions based on data. Our staff has years of experience and are experts in using data-driven analytics in search engine optimization, native and social media marketing.

Measurable success
We work cleanly and with an eye to the future. Our lead generation brings about long-term and sustainable success in the generation of new customers for your company.

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Your situation is unique. In the first step we want to understand and listen to you in order to advise you in the best possible way. Currently our demand is high, so we ask that you only make an inquiry if you want to (continue to) grow strongly.

Let's get to know each other, better.

Find out why the fastest-growing SaaS scale-ups trust us with their marketing budgets. Based on your situation, we create a growth plan with a clear roadmap and action steps for your business.

  • Pipeline & revenue confidence
  • Lower customer acquisition costs
  • More efficient delivery of your ad spend
  • Higher marketing ROI & more efficient growth

"Every single point of contact with anyone from YOYABA is a 9.5/10 across the board and I've never experienced that with any agency before. Probably not even 1% of all agencies are able to deliver that."

Julius Komp

Founder & CEO exporto

"As a fast-moving SaaS startup, in addition to the performance marketing skills, I especially appreciate the agile, honest and straightforward collaboration with the entire team."

Thomas Peham

VP Marketing Storyblok